5 Podcasts You Should Follow If You Love Music

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For the hardcore fan, loving music never stops. Even when they’re not listening to their favorite tunes, they still have to be consuming any content related to their favorite bands or artists. If this sounds like you, you have to listen to music podcasts.

Podcasts are the perfect way to take a break from music while still being able to appreciate the art form. Check out these great podcasts that you can’t miss if you’re a music fan.

On Shuffle

Where to listen: Spotify/Apple Music

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From the irreverent sports and pop culture podcast The Ringer, this spin-off podcast was launched in 2016. It’s hosted by Micah Peters, with regular guests appearing on the show. On Shuffle tackles the ties that bind music and pop culture, including the hottest trending topics. Listen and get educated.

Microphone Check

Where to listen: Spotify

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A Spotify exclusive, this podcast is hosted by music legend Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest. He’s joined by journalist co-host Frannie Kelley and together they form an entertaining combination. With Muhammad’s experience in the industry and Kelley’s relevant questioning, Microphone Check is one of the more interesting music podcasts out there.

All Songs Considered

Where to listen: Spotify/Apple Music

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All Songs Considered was started before anyone ever knew what podcasts were. The 1st episode was launched in 2000 and has gone through many iterations until it found its sweet spot. Now it features mostly indie artists in live shows, driving around in a dope vehicle that roams the streets.

Song Exploder

Where to listen: Spotify/Apple Music

One of the more popular podcasts in this list, Song Exploder has a legion of fans. Hrishikesh Hirway is the star of this one-man show. The idea behind the podcast is simple: Dissect a song from a musical guest, then examine each part of the song until they find what makes the track tick. Song Exploder is an ingenious idea from a genius producer who’s attracted many big-name guests to this podcast.

No Plus Ones

Where to listen: Apple Music

The newest podcast in this list shouldn’t be this good this fast, but it is. Music writers David Anthony and Dan Ozzi host this podcast that’s so ridiculous it’s actually funny. Covering everything from meme culture to alien invasions, No Plus Ones will be your new favorite listening experience. Until you realize the show may not be coming back anytime soon. Listen to its existing episodes and feel yourself craving for more.

Are these podcasts on your list? Or do you already listen to them? Let us know about the podcasts we missed and we’ll try to cover them in our next article.